Monday, April 20, 2009

a little whingeing and also some wedding stuff....

i haven't updated in ages and ages, and now i'm ready to rant! i'll try and keep it short. let's just say that you should never ever ever get a loan with sallie mae. at least not a student loan. because they are horrible. disorganized and unhelpful. just don't so it. if you want more detailed reasons, just email me and i'll fill you in.
ANYWAY that's so not what this blog is supposed to be about. SO. i got engaged a few weeks ago! that's pretty yay!! and now i'm spending a LOT of time looking at internet "wedding porn" - mom, that means wedding blogs, not naked ladies. so forgive me if my blogs and links for a few months are all wedding related :)
speaking of which, i'm considering using spoonflower to get some of my prints in fabric, and using that in my decor..... i'm DEFINITELY using some of my prints in the invites and save-the-dates. i'm thinking something like this:

anyway, i have lots and lots to say about weddings, and i'll ramble on about my plans in later posts, i'm sure. but for now, here's something i've done recently...

check out today's eyecandy!!
have a happy monday!