Thursday, February 11, 2010

kitchens, farms, babies and barns

there is a huge part of me that wants to live in a little farmhouse in the country... something we can polish and paint and fill with things we love. and have some babies and some kittens, maybe a dog or two... a barn that we can use as a studio... a potters wheel... a front porch with a view. the tv's and computers to be used only when absolutely necessary. yes yes yes.

i've been feeding this part of me by obsessing over some of the following this week:

* a woman living a farm/child/kitten/love-filled life on MommyCoddle
* thinking about how i want to raise my family with Slow family living
* the inspiring Penelope Dullaghan (illustrator, artist, yogi, mama - could you sum up my life goals more succinctly??), whose work i just happen to luuuurve
* the ever-increasingly satisfying Young House Love - which i've been following for a while, but am perhaps now at the point in my life where their adventures are more fascinating than ever :)

so yes, i am feeling domestic - but restless... longing for the chance to make my domesticity the way that i really want it? maybe. if that makes any sense.

anyway, these yummy, sunny kitchens would be perfect places to feed bowls of cereal to little people, make long lazy phone calls to my sister, my mother, my cousins... experiments in pastry... i really really want to go to there.

via scandinavian retreat

maybe i'm just tired of this dark apartment with the constant gas leaks and flood-prone basement. maybe i'm just over the city a little bit. or maybe i just need to get away for a while...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day

oh it's a lovely snowy snow day!! no work, all play :)

the view from my studio window...

from the kitchen window (don't pay any attention to the bars... ah brooklyn living!)...

and from the back door! three snowy musketeers...

so fun :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Illustration Friday

Yes, I am still a creative being! My life no longer revolves around weddings!! Oh the liberation :)

This week's illustration friday topic is "muddy." This may be a cliched interpretation, but I don't care. So there. Muddy boots are the best.

Oh springtime. I am so looking forward to your showers and green growing things. Even the mud is preferable to the barren chill of winter at this point. And a blizzard is supposed to be on it's way tonight! Oy! At least it's cause for a little excitement! I'm so over the January-February blahs.....