Thursday, February 26, 2009

how to avoid doing real work 101

this is how i procrastinate now. i make color boards. here's a pink one! i normally don't go gaga for pink, but i was feeling it this morning....

el creditos (from top left):
1. i love hedgehogs!! this one is from Madison Craft.
2. this candle is AMAAAZING. i bought one when i was in chicago, visiting adrian and sharon, and i love it to pieces. i should have bought 10 of them, cause we went through the one in no time. it's a soy candle that doubles as a moisturizer - and the smell (quince) is super duper yummy. order online at, or if you're in the area, go see them! really, that place is a sensory delight :)
3. i stumbled on these online - really lovely packaging, and they're for a good cause! more at Gianna Rose Atelier.
4. (underneath the soaps) this screenprint from linocutboy is awesome :)
5. a pink hibiscus!
6. yummy sugar cookies from Cream Bakery!
7. i love this adorable little girl's peasant dress from MissMe Boutique! and you can't beat the price!
8. betsey johnson designed this pink apartment. Betsey Johnson. need i say more? read about it here. and here.
9. this is a poppy retro print from KathGood that makes me happy!
10. COME ON. how stinkin adorable can you get? these mini easter bunny cards are from seasonal delights, over at etsy. i want to eat them!!!
11. some pale pink hydrangeas....

man, i love making these.... finding new artists and sharing old favorites.... i wonder if i could get paid to do THIS? anyone? anyone?

we are pretty much out of food at chez matt and liz, so i'm going to get creative and make some rice pudding for lunch. nutritious? not so much. delicious? you betcha!

as for eye candy, i think you've had more than enough for one day, don't you?

happy thursday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

illustration friday: instinct

here we go.... this week's IF topic is "instinct"......

lets just say, you should always consider your.....

... yes, your gut reaction :) you know, because that's probably your best bet for realizing what your instinct is......

more eye candy for today: poppytalk!

and don't forget to check out my etsy shop. support the handmade revolution!!

back to basics

i just felt like DRAWING yesterday... so i DID. i just sat there and drew from my imagination, and i felt like a kid again. i used to spend hours just drawing... no agenda, no plans to ever show anyone what i was doing, just drawing for the sheer pleasure of it.

this is one of the things i came up with, and i actually kind of like it......

take a look at this fun blog, lili and jojo..... it got my creative juices flowing......

Friday, February 20, 2009

the blues

today i have a full on case of the blues.

here is some blue stuff.....

from top left:
1. Lily Moon's etsy shop :
2. Baabaa Creation's etsy shop:
3. bluejay (reminds me of home)
4. Miles Davis's Kind of Blue (one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time)
5. bluebells
6. Phi phi island (this has been my dream vacation spot for at least 8 years now)
7. some random blue flowers
8. Cozy Blue's etsy shop:
9. cornflowers....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm adding lots of new stuff to my shop.... i'm playing around a lot - hopefully something decent will come out of it :)

this illo came from an idea i had for an album cover i'm working on - the idea was discarded for that project, but i couldn't shake it, and this image grew out of that kernel.....

i'm going to put up some small paintings i've done as well... keep an eye out!!

oh! and i got a haircut yesterday! i wanted it short, but she kind of went berzerk and made it REAL short - closer to pixie than bob. i look a little bit like a young boy. but i also think it's kind of cute - plus it's totally out of my face, and i am my mother's daughter, and not having to think about my hair is pretty awesome :)

i'm going to try and give you a fun site to scope out every time i post.... from now on! then at least it's not just ME rambling about ME every time! ok, so here's today's eye candy :)

happy tuesday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


this week's illustration friday topic is, appropriately enough, time (appropriate because of my earlier post today - you know, living in the moment and all - i'm so self-referential). anyway, it made me think of how infrequently most of us take the time to just be still and absorb our surroundings.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

here and now

i really struggle with being present.... it's the biggest obstacle to my happiness, for sure. i found this great article at psychology today. when my brain becomes a runaway train on the track to panic-land, it helps to ground myself in the moment... it's especially important to know that it's something that needs to be worked at constantly. it's lucky the universe is so good at sending reminders :)

i'm working on some pendants to sell in my shop.... it's fun to be working with my hands again - so much of what i've been doing lately revolves around the computer....

it's warmish today, and the days are getting longer... i'm excited for spring (she says, after waxing about living in the moment, haha).

happy saturday!