Thursday, February 26, 2009

how to avoid doing real work 101

this is how i procrastinate now. i make color boards. here's a pink one! i normally don't go gaga for pink, but i was feeling it this morning....

el creditos (from top left):
1. i love hedgehogs!! this one is from Madison Craft.
2. this candle is AMAAAZING. i bought one when i was in chicago, visiting adrian and sharon, and i love it to pieces. i should have bought 10 of them, cause we went through the one in no time. it's a soy candle that doubles as a moisturizer - and the smell (quince) is super duper yummy. order online at, or if you're in the area, go see them! really, that place is a sensory delight :)
3. i stumbled on these online - really lovely packaging, and they're for a good cause! more at Gianna Rose Atelier.
4. (underneath the soaps) this screenprint from linocutboy is awesome :)
5. a pink hibiscus!
6. yummy sugar cookies from Cream Bakery!
7. i love this adorable little girl's peasant dress from MissMe Boutique! and you can't beat the price!
8. betsey johnson designed this pink apartment. Betsey Johnson. need i say more? read about it here. and here.
9. this is a poppy retro print from KathGood that makes me happy!
10. COME ON. how stinkin adorable can you get? these mini easter bunny cards are from seasonal delights, over at etsy. i want to eat them!!!
11. some pale pink hydrangeas....

man, i love making these.... finding new artists and sharing old favorites.... i wonder if i could get paid to do THIS? anyone? anyone?

we are pretty much out of food at chez matt and liz, so i'm going to get creative and make some rice pudding for lunch. nutritious? not so much. delicious? you betcha!

as for eye candy, i think you've had more than enough for one day, don't you?

happy thursday!

1 comment:

  1. Of course you can make money doing this. Charge those retailers. Think of all the thousands who will be reading your blog soon!
    As you might imagine, though, pink is not really me.