Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm adding lots of new stuff to my shop.... i'm playing around a lot - hopefully something decent will come out of it :)

this illo came from an idea i had for an album cover i'm working on - the idea was discarded for that project, but i couldn't shake it, and this image grew out of that kernel.....

i'm going to put up some small paintings i've done as well... keep an eye out!!

oh! and i got a haircut yesterday! i wanted it short, but she kind of went berzerk and made it REAL short - closer to pixie than bob. i look a little bit like a young boy. but i also think it's kind of cute - plus it's totally out of my face, and i am my mother's daughter, and not having to think about my hair is pretty awesome :)

i'm going to try and give you a fun site to scope out every time i post.... from now on! then at least it's not just ME rambling about ME every time! ok, so here's today's eye candy :)

happy tuesday!

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