Sunday, November 23, 2008

that's like, your opinion, man

this week's illustration friday is "opinion." of course, opinions fuel arguments and wars, but they also make up the fabric of communication. anyway, too many words from me will kill anything, hehe. so i'll zip it and let you form your own OPINION. oh i am so tricky!!

and YES, thats a quote from the big lebowski. the dude! i love it. it's so stinkin multi-purpose.

i'm working on some wedding invitations for lovely laura - look for some art from that soon. also, with T-day around the corner, maybe i'll work up some gobble gobble...


  1. I was just wondering about the life of an opinion ... how old is the oldest opinion? ... If you take pi out of your opinion it becomes your onion. That's my opinion. Oh, and I like the picture, but I don't understand why they all have white pants ... man!

  2. hi liz! i love seeing your illustrations! this one made me deeply nostalgic for wrap-up. miss you! love, meg

  3. You are so fabulous. Keep doing what your doing!!! I love you.