Friday, December 5, 2008

ooooooh, etsy

so my etsy shop is now officially open... well it has been since monday, actually. and, amazingly, i've made some sales! to non family members!! three cheers!! anyway, i'm having a LOT of fun with it - it's really freed me up, creatively. i'm finding that i'm way more willing to experiment, and much less worried about sticking to "a style" or making stuff thats going to fit into specific markets. it's an awesome feeling, and i'm suddenly super productive. yay! so here are some things i've been playing around with......

.... doing more elaborate drawings before i work on them in photoshop - well maybe not so ELABORATE as just using some shading... but for me, a former member if the i-hate-shaded-pencil-drawings, it's pretty elaborate.

now i'm trying to come up with some christmas cards to sell on etsy, but i don't know if i'll have time to get them up there fast enough. we'll see..... and you will too! if you keep checking this awesome blog!


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