Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm still here....

... and into the second week of marriage!

We're going on a slightly delayed honeymoon this week, so after we return next Wednesday, I'll start putting up pics and sharing the day with you.

I'm sorry for not posting anything earlier, but to be honest, I was just so completely overdosed on all things wedding that I needed to ignore the blog for a few days. And even now, after a week's recovery, it just seems so overwhelming, there is so much to say, that it makes me a little tired just thinking about it! For now, here is a snap of one of the most intensely happy moments of my life, captured by my very talented friend Tony...

Enjoy the week, send us good wishes in sunny Mexico (yahoo!!!!), and I'll be back with a full report (probably in increments) late next week.


  1. oh you two look adorably happy! enjoy the sunny honeymoon!

  2. Aw yeah! So happy for you guys, you were beautiful and man, the music was killer!

  3. Oh such a beautiful photograph. I can feel the love! Congratulations! Anna xxx