Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to light up a dark apartment

I can feel December slipping through my fingers already, so I've decided to decorate the apartment today. I really really wanted to get a real tree, but living in the city, in a neighborhood that doesn't really do cute little Christmas tree sales on corners, without a car, it's not so easy. So I'm seriously considering sucking it up and buying a cheap little fake tree from one of the cheesy discount stores that are, for some reason, so plentiful in my 'hood.

I love our apartment, but it has one major downside. It's dark. It just doesn't get a lot of natural light, and the wintertime, especially, leaves me feeling like I'm living in a cave. To top it off, this has been a super gloomy week, and I'm finding it hard to get motivated to clean and prettify our little nest. I'm hoping that once I get started, and once we get some little white lights twinkling, it will start feeling a little less gothic and a little more cozy.

Cross your fingers that I can get it done!! Hopefully I'll have an update for you tomorrow :)

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