Sunday, January 18, 2009

printsource 2009

warning: i cannot seem to think of any synonyms for the words inspiring and super. my brain power is on low today... so prep yourself to hear loads of supers and inspirings.

nina and i went to printsource last week, and wowza! we came away feeling SO inspired! it was great to meet creative souls from all over the place, especially those BRAVE creative souls who were there, doing their thing without a big company backing them, just promoting their amazing work all by themselves. it was super inspiring. we got to chat for a while with jessica gonacha, an independent artist and textile designer who was so friendly and great, not to mention super talented. check out her stuff, you won't be disappointed! she's an etsy-ite, too :) i love her
just-do-it attitude, and her willingness to put herself and her work out there. inspiring!

also, jillian phillips, a lovely artist with lilla rogers (a SUPER awesome studio - check them out for other phenomenal artists), was incredibly sweet and chatty. and i'm COMPLETELY in love with her work! check it out here.

all in all, a worthwhile use of my time :) nina and i are making plans to be as bold as jessica next year, and try and get our very own booth at printsource!!

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  1. awwww, thank you SO MUCH!! it was really great to meet you both, too-- let's keep in touch for sure. :) good luck getting ready for printsource 2010!!