Friday, January 9, 2009

treasure hunting

the past few days i've spent hours being sucked into interweb land..... i feel like time is flying by and i'm getting nothing done, but then i remember that i need to stock up on inspiration. i'm like a squirrel right now, collecting my nuts, hahah. and then i go into a brief hibernation and when i wake up i have new ideas! wah-hoo! anyway, i spent some of my non-existent disposable income today on an amazing pendant from OlaDesign (check out her etsy shop - it's chock full of beautiful things!). i won't tell you which one cause it's a surprise present for someone special...

i've been researching my booty off, trying to figure out how i can make my own pendant necklaces, using my art. seriously, what did anyone DO before the internet? i found resources galore, and hopefully in the next few weeks you should see some original jewelry popping up in my etsy shop. and yes, i realize i'm very etsy-centric right now. i love it. so sue me.

if anyone is looking for info on making their own resin jewelry, check out this really informative e-how video by yet another etsy-ite.

ALSO, check out these awesome papers i found at the paper studio.

pretty sweet.

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