Saturday, January 31, 2009


i've been sick sick sick all week long... totally out of commish (that's short for commission people). so i haven't been doing anything but watching friday night lights, and now i have a backlog of plans/ to-dos/ and ideas.....

1. i get so many ideas from cruising etsy about what i can sell in my shop. like, for example, i want to make a children's book. i came up with this little girl for my main superhero character (well not superhero in that she'll have powers, but superhero in that she'll totally be awesome and rad). lulu begonia is her name. but i haven't really figured out her game yet....

2. i need to start working on the album cover for babette's new cd. (listen to it - it's really beautiful).
3. i need to finish laura's wedding invitations....
4. i need to work up some idea's for another wedding commission (for someone i don't even know! progress, people!)
5. i want to go to ikea and get a bunch of cheapo frames so that i can do this in my apartment:

the first image is from an old design sponge sneak peak, and the second is from the selby - i especially love this interior from the selby - i want my living space to be this family oriented and cozy!
6. playing with pattern-making: if nina and i are going to get into this for real, i have to for real get into it :) here are some that i came up with a few weeks ago (before the plague hit):

7. i'm also hoping to put some paintings up on etsy.... i just have to figure out what i want to paint.... if i want to go more decorative (something that's fun and seems to do well on etsy) or something more explorative, figurative, creative (all ways for me to avoid saying artsy - worst word ever).
8. make more work for my new yorker portfolio drop-off in march.... i'm planning to do more ink+pattern and texture stuff, along the lines of this piece i did a few months ago:

9. make something for illustration friday. this week's word: flawed.
10. and of course, as always, clean the house. unnngh.

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