Friday, May 29, 2009

also..... please don't get complacent about this....

apparently today is a blogging day for me.... a completely unoriginal day, one where all i'm really doing is re-posting other people's wonderfulness, but still. blogging nonetheless :)

i just wanted to share this amazingly heartfelt post from meg over at a practical wedding.

it breaks my heart that there are so many people in this country who are not afforded the right to legally marry. it makes me feel guilty for being able to marry whenever i want, wherever i want (although not WHOever i want... and thats the crux of it, for me. how can the government tell me who i can and cannot marry?). when matt and i get married, it will be with an acute awareness of our blessings.

as meg says:
It is both a great privilege and a huge responsibility to be getting married in the middle of this fight for civil rights, this fight for marriage.

i know how easy it is to get complacent about such things, so i was super grateful to meg for blogging so beautifully about this issue. do yourself a favor and read it!

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