Tuesday, May 26, 2009


lovely anna left me this comment - and it just sums up my feelings about the wedding so nicely (my bolding)....

I hate the word cheap – just because someone chooses the cheaper avenue does not mean they haven’t spent just as much time on their wedding. If anything they have often needed to think more to make it a beautiful or individual event.

Oh dear I feel a mini rant coming on! I want to make my own invites. I want to print them on my gocco and then type them on my typewriter. Oh I’m being cheap again – just because I detest the cookie cutter wedding and want to be different does not mean I am skimping on my materials!

CAKE CUTTING FEES – In London I’ve had hotels quote me up to $12 per person – really, really?!!!!!

I was sucked in by wedding magazines – but now have seen the light – I hate how they force the perfect wedding onto everyone. I have no desire for my wedding to be perfect. I just want my closest family and friends to see me marry the man I love and help us celebrate the first day of the rest of our life. Preferably with great unpretentious food and yummy wine.

hooray anna!!

as i see over and over in my obsessive reading-of-wedding-blogs, this getting-sucked-into-wedding-bullshit is SO common, and SO commonly something that really intelligent women have to fight against (internally and externally). as meg at a practical wedding calls, it, "losing the plot". even the brightest and most evolved among us lose the plot in the planning process. just remember YOUR plot points, and breathe...

and that concludes another rambling think from yours truly :)

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  1. Oh you have made me blush. You have made my day!

    Let hope I am out of the wedding haze from now on!