Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wedding invitations

so we've decided to skip the save-the-dates. it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary money, paper, and time to waste. we're being a little more earth friendly and just doing invitations on the early side. i'm just making sure i let family, long distance peeps, and the bridal party know by phone or email that it's going to be on OCTOBER 10!! at least, unless something happens in the next couple of planning steps that makes that date impossible :)

so i'm trying to come up with ideas for the invitation. i've been searching online for inspiration, and after a while, they all start to kind of look the same..... i saw a cool indian-inspired letterpress invite, and it made me think.... our colors (more on colors later) have a coincedentally southwest/mexican flavor (yellow, orange, turquoise and white, essentially), so i thought, why not do something sort of mexican-folk-artsy? kind of along these lines:

the colors would be different, obviously, but the image is just what i was picturing.... by the way, this comes from a quilt made by one of my favorite etsy sellers, badbird.

what do you think?

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