Friday, May 29, 2009

i must remember this......

sara over at 2000 wedding offered this wonderful post about the trickiness of the wedding industry last week, and somehow i missed it until today....

here's a taste of her wisdom:

The really sick part is that the wedding industry tries to tap into our psyches by feeding us crap about our weddings being "The best day" of our lives and our one chance to have "The perfect day." With that kind of pressure, of course we're going to think that the benefit of hiring profesionals outweighs the cost. We become convinced that we need a professional to write our friends' and families' addresses on invitation envelopes or to put flowers in a vase or cover the chairs at our receptions.

Suddenly, all of these things that would never seem necessary for a regular party feel like non-negotiables for our W-E-D-D-I-N-G-S. We start to doubt our ability to have a meaningful and memorable wedding if we can't afford all the professional services (or--gasp!--choose not to use them).

really, i'm posting this so that i will always have it nearby when i find myself overcome by wedding insanity :) reality check, please!!

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