Tuesday, June 2, 2009

130 days to go

isn't the knot just so delightfully helpful? i log on ( i am using it for it's guest list feature! thats ALL, i swear!!), and it blares 130 DAYS TO GO!!!! all i have to say about that is zoinks.

granted, we are having a pretty short engagement (about 6 months - which seems kind of ridiculous to me, that 6 months is short, but anyway, thats another post altogether), but it is definitely freaking me out a little bit that we can't seem to nail down our venue.

here's the saga: first, we looked all over jersey, but realized pretty quickly that we were never going to be able to afford a typical wedding venue for the number of people we wanted to invite. we weren't willing to cut our guest list (as it is, we've trimmed it a few times, and in order to afford a traditional wedding, we would have to at least cut the guest list in half, and since our families alone make up almost 50% of the list, that was not really possible), so we decided to explore less traditional venues. like my parent's suburban backyard! long story short, i got insecure about that plan, and started looking at some other options, and two possibilities magically popped up. things started to align themselves for one of these places; they were affordable, available, and had indoor AND outdoor space. but we didn't want to put the deposit down until my sister had a chance to look at it (it's a few hours away from us), but it seemed like a go. our officiant saved the date, our caterer saved the date, all seemed well. i felt like the stars were aligning! but then, glitch. our caterer is a family friend, and she is able to give us a great price, partly b/c she was assuming we were holding it at my parents place, and so she wouldn't have to charge us for insurance. silly me, i assumed that she had insurance. so when i asked her to show the venue her license, well, obviously i found out that wouldn't be possible. SO. basically i had a minor breakdown.

i called my parents, and my dad said "give me this guy's (the contact at our desired venue) name and number, and maybe i'll go talk to him in person, and see if something can't be worked out." matt thought this was great ("what is he, don corleone?"), and i agree. we've been getting so much support throughout this process, it's really pretty amazing. i never would have thought to ask my pops to do such a thing, and i was pretty touched that he offered. we're a very lucky couple :)

so who knows at this point what's going to happen. i'm revisiting the pot-luck or bbq at my parents place idea. in a way this might be a good thing, because it may force us to remember our original intentions for the day - simple simple simple!! the trimmings are not important to us... but it is so easy to get caught up in wedding shenanigans. so now i'm concentrating on being zen. whatever happens will happen. the important thing is that matt and i are getting married. as long as that happens, the rest is just details.

this is helping.....

via a practical wedding via Hannah of Stonehouse Photo.

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