Friday, June 5, 2009

rainy day in brooklyn town

*sigh* it's rainy and gloomy in nyc today (source).......

i stumbled on these today, and they cheered me up a bit:

aren't these invitations yummy?? i am so going to "borrow" the trifold and ribbon idea.... they're by Libby Smith, and i found them at once wed (who have an awesome new site design - check it out!).

also from once wed:

i don't know... it just made me happy.

tomorrow i'm going to the renegade craft fair in mccarren park with my dear friends patti and liz..... the poster alone is reason enough to get excited!!

it's sponsered in part by etsy, and there's gonna be a treats truck there, so you know it's going to be awesome :) they have them in LA, chicago, and san fran too, so check it out! i'll report back next week.....

stay dry and warm, new york!! happy weekend!!

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