Tuesday, June 16, 2009

not in the mood

i'm finding myself in a non-blogging kind of mood today... but then, sometimes the talky, random-thought blogs are the ones i most enjoy reading. so i thought i'd do one of those. hopefully you won't be bored to tears (all three of you!). if you don't enjoy talky rambly blog posts, then you may want to go look at something else. like this. or this. or this. all yummy.

ok, fair warning.

so, random thoughts.

1) Wren handmade. I found her wedding on Once Wed (sooooo pretty), and it made me want to look at her blog, and her blog made me want to be a crafter. to buy a sewing machine and have a craft room with cubbies full of fabric. if we end up moving, maybe i will. which leads me to....

2) moving. potentially? i haven't wanted to write about this, because i fear i will jinx it, but there is a good chance we will be moving into another apartment in our building very soon. as in like 2 weeks. the apartment in question is HUGE (relatively - i mean this is nyc, and we aren't millionaires), it has a basement, with a (gasp!!) washer and dryer (the equivalent to solid bars of gold in this town), a beautiful backyard (another nyc holy grail), and enough room for matt and i to have separate offices. the catch is that our rent would go up three or four hundred dollars. which we can handle, it's just a little scary when he's a freelancer and i'm a multiple-part-timer-cum-freelancer. things have been slow on the freelancing end lately, and we have a wedding to pay for in the next few months, so it's a little anxious-making. we'll likely know for sure this weekend.

3) speaking of things i am aiming to have done/decided by this weekend, we MUST have our venue figured out. so i can send invitations. gah.

4) i had (amazing) indian food for lunch today. and my hands still smell.

5) should i start another blog? just for wedding stuff? and really get into the nitty gritty? not just my random thoughts, but a more detailed blow-by-blow? because this is what i'm thinking: i'm thinking that i need some help staying sane in the face of the ridiculous pressure i feel sometimes to conform to the wic or diy "norms." i'm thinking that it might be helpful to have a dedicated blog for that purpose, with a mission statement and everything. i'm thinking it would be cathartic to vent wedding trials and tribulations to my hearts content without worrying that i was abandoning the other parts of myself (you know, the NON-WEDDING parts. sometimes it's hard to believe they exist, but they really really do) - like my art, my illustration.... you know, the reason i started this blog :) i'm thinking....

6) also, i would like a wallet that looks like this:
that's all for now, dear readers. i hope this wasn't too dull. please accept my apologies for the lack of anything resembling a point.
if you have gotten this far, you are either a saint or my mother (although i suppose that's a bit redundant:)).

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  1. Of course it wasn't dull. All my posts seem to be of the rambling sort.

    I won't jinx point 2. But yey!

    More random posts. I love hearing about what goes on in other peoples thoughts.