Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it must be tuesday

because i am writing a million posts.

i can't believe i've never seen this before, but holy-moley-freaking-what-the-dang-sweet-baby-jesus, this is easily one of the best things ever. top five. not to be superlative, but i am awed by the technical prowess it displays, and the sheer prettiness of it, and the quote! the perfect wonderful quote! just went right into my heart :)

run, don't walk, over to MadeByJulene to see more...... i am just floored by julene's work!

case in point:

REALLY??????? unbelievable.

i found these via the wonderful nest. now go look.


  1. Oh my, these are awesome and she does custom designs. Oh I need one of these babies!

  2. I need them. Right time to save up the pennies!