Friday, June 19, 2009


i have to say that i hate engagement pictures. i think they're stupid as all get-out. i just don't get the whole concept. what is the point? other than to spend more money? what could be a better example of a silly convention created by the wic, designed to do nothing but add to your budget?? maybe i'm just a freak, maybe it's because the whole idea seems over-the-top sugary sweet to me. and maybe i'm missing some vital piece of important information. i'm certainly not maligning those who have chosen (or will choose) to have engagment photos taken - to each his own and all that good stuff. i simply felt the need to express my deeply felt WTF moment. REALLY!!!!! i feel like a crazy person here!! ick. engagement pictures. blargh. barf.


  1. Hmm, I can't quite decide my viewpoint.

    I guess a lot of photographers now offer a pre-wedding shoot as part of their package. Is this just WIC induced and an excuse to increase prices?

    The only reason I would do it is because the boy and I have literally 3 or 4 pictures together. I'm sort of superunphotogenic and need to learn how to photograph more prettily! Also if I look a mess on my "special day - bleurgh!" then it's another chance to try and look fabulous.

    Then again, how hard would it be to grab a friend and get them to take shots of us and then obviously delete most of them.

    Although, would it not be nice to dress up and cavort merrily through a field with or without a photographer. Maybe with a picnic and champagne. Hmm now that is an idea!

  2. agreed about not getting engagement photos. i guess it serves a purpose in getting comfortable working with your photographer. but is that really necessary? and they always come out so darn cheesy.