Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back to the fun stuff!!

After that rather heavy post on friday, I'm ready for something light and airy...

Isn't this gorgeous? So cosy and elegant all at once. Via Once Wed.

There's a lot going on these days! Obviously, the wedding: preparations roll on. We're trying to get all the invitations printed (check!), mounted (check!), wrapped, addressed, and mailed today. I bought the most awesome stamps yesterday:
I could eat them they are so freaking sweet!
I'll post pictures of the invites as soon as everyone's received theirs.

Also, we found out TODAY that we got the apartment! We're moving! I mean, we're just moving downstairs, so that's pretty rad, but moving nonetheless. And since our neighbor just moved out yesterday, the place is open NOW. So hopefully we can get the keys ASAP and do a gradual move over the course of the week. Which means I can clean the hell out of both places fairly easily. And the neat freak in me does a little jig. I'm stilling trying to wrap my brain around the fact that we're going to have a BACKYARD!! I can plant things!! I can have a vegetable garden!! I'm not even going to TRY and comprehend the fact that we're going to have a washer and dryer. One major life adjustment at a time, please! Hahaha, I just realized how ridiculous that sounds coming from me right now.

And trust, there WILL be pictures posted up here of our lovely new apartment very soon.

ALSO. i stumbled on this selection of dishware from Anthropologie. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that they make me DROOL. I have never lusted after dishes before. NEVER. But these.... holy moses. Needless to say, I figured out a way to register for them :)

Check it:

Be still my heart. I want a little of everything - the mixy matchyness would be so pretty. LOVE!
Oh, and if you need some help with keeping your perspective, or if you just want to giggle, check out this great article via 2000 wedding, via mental floss.


  1. How do I know what you registered for?????

  2. go to our wedding website : www.weddingwire.com/lizmatt and click on registry :)

  3. wowsers, these are great finds. i especially love the peacock plate.